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Take the Transparency Pledge

Pledging to commit to champion transparency in your organisation is the first step of the journey...


Take the pledge

What are the steps?


Take the pledge to become a Transparency Pioneer, in time for your first transparency score calculation in March 2024. 



Take the next steps to achieve Transparency Fundamentals Certification, using our platform tools and advice to help you help your organisation become more corporately transparent


Become a Transparency Exemplar,  set and achieve your transparency targets for your financial year. 

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What's the pledge?

The pledge is a very simple commitment, which, with added consistency of action, will make a huge impact: 

"I pledge to champion transparency within our organisation, uniting with the corporate transparency movement to strengthen trust and collective action for our planet and its people."

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After taking the pledge, what happens next?

Non-financial compliance records

Non-financial compliance records

ESG accreditations & reports

ESG accreditations & reports

Supply chain metrics & labour practices records

Supply chain metrics & labour practices records

aggregated transparency data

aggregated transparency data

By using our tools and data you can fill out your profile, We combine all of these into our Transparency Score which can be used by the organisation to benchmark their transparency and progress to becoming TISC-certified.

Take the pledge

Why pledge?

Research has proven that transparency is good for your organisation, the planet and the people on it.


 Build trust with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

 Improve corporate governance, financial performance and risk management.

 Become a more attractive employer

 Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Public bodies are embracing transparency in their supply chains

A growing number of large public buyers are embedding transparency into their procurement processes to help achieve fairer working conditions in their supply chains

Code of Practice Ethical Employment in Supply Chains_eng

Welsh Government

£6B Annual Budget

The Mayors Good Work Standard logo_4167x4167_Economy_27 Sep 23-1

London Mayor's Office

£7B Annual Budget


Greater Manchester Regional Authority

£2B Annual Budget


West of England Regional Authority

Transparency Business Case Evidence

The benefits of corporate transparency, and where to start

In this two minute walk-through you will learn
  • How corporate transparency can benefit your organisation

  • Reasons for embracing coprorate transparecy, backed up by research

  • How to get started in your transparency journey

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Make Transparency Your New Year's Corporate Special Resolution


Companies inherently operate in a framework that demands honesty, integrity and transparency. Taking a pledge to be proactive should be a no-brainer. Here's why..

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Need more information?

We are always here to talk about the wider benefits of corporate transparency and how we can help your organisation engage and progress. With your help the world can be a better place!