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Sanctify Your Supply Chain

Want to use your buying power to help end conflict in Ukraine?

All companies need to temporarily suspend business activity with Russia. An effective corporate resistance will maximise the chances of achieving a peaceful outcome more quickly.

Will you join the corporate resistance movement too? TISCreport offers contextual sanctions data and a supplier tracking dashboard that won't cost the Earth.  Doing nothing eventually might..

#PlayYourPart #PayWhatYouCan

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Step 1

Upload your suppliers to your free dashboard

TISCreport will then match them to corporate identities that can be confirmed, highlighting where they cannot be matched exactly. Pay only what you can afford!


Step 2

Regularly check your dashboard for potential links to Russia

Add our sanctions data to your supplier dashboard to see potential risks. Not every Russian company is tied to the Kremlin, but many major Russian companies are. You can use our data to make an informed decision.



Take action, report back and ask suppliers to do the same

Investigate and take action on flagged suppliers. You can ask your suppliers to join and take similar actions using our #paywhatyoucan sanctions data on tiscreport. They can still do the right thing even if they can't afford to pay.

Already doing your bit?

Contribute to our corporate resistance funds to help us to help others!

We want all companies to take action, regardless of their financial situation. However, with financial contributions from organisations that can afford it, our social enterprise can work on making other data available to help ethical organisations #DoLessHarm #DoMoreGood

We'll put a special credit on your profile page as a thank-you!

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Navigating sanctions data can be challenging

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you, your organisation, your buyers and your suppliers understand the different flags and what actions to take.

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